When Did I Realize I Was a Cat Person?

I had a dog. She was my first official baby. Her name was Gaia. It was hard for me to adopt a life with a furry friend inside the house. Our first meeting was not good because I had to climb up on higher places just to avoid contact with a crazy furball. I was afraid at first but eventually, she captured my heart. I had her for a few months and then we did not end up together because we have to let her go. Someone adopted her and became her official family. It is a sad experience for me. She was the reason I started to love animals.

Then after a few months, my dad brought home a male kitten. His name was Mishi.

I was already in love with animals that it didn’t take me long enough to fall for a feline. When the cat was home, he didn’t come out under the couch for the whole night. It took me until sunrise to convince him I am a good person. We became friends and we took him outside when we travel. He was a sweetheart. Until he tried to escape downwards from a 5-floor building and ended up going up in heaven. I didn’t cry. It hurts more that way.

Then after a few days, my dad brought home another puffer and my eyes started to be an endless fountain. I cried my heart out and thanked my angel cat for his biggest gift for me. You wouldn’t believe it but I promised him that I will take good care of his little brother and that I will be by his side no matter what.

Until now, I am with my Manaw. He is my greatest treasure because he was a gift from my previous stripey. Since then, I know that I am a cat person. Even though I loved my first dog, I wouldn’t have realize the love I have for cats.

Now, here’s a gallery of Manaw’s photos.

(He is obviously a grown-up cat now but he is only 3 and an outdoor cat. He loves nature but is still afraid of people).

good looking!

PS. I have another cat but I want to dedicate another blog just for her. She is special to me also even though in the first place, she is not officially mine.

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