Cat Appreciation

My blog is almost a collection of my cat’s adventures and how their relationship is with me. But most especially for my older cat, Manaw, who is always a big part of me.

So, basically, they are not sleeping at my house since summer 2018. I brought them to my boyfriend’s house and they lived almost half their lives there. After school, I would always visit them first thing in the afternoon. They are still attached to me personally because I did not let them forget who I am. Me and Manaw were too close that he ended up being lost for a week because he was looking for me downstairs. That was a distressing week. But luckily he is safe now.

The sad thing is that he is always going out through the roof and risks being lost again. I didn’t want that to happen anymore. We closed any opening passage from the inside of the house into the rooftop. He cannot go out in his own unless someone left the doors open.

But the one thing I noticed is that when I am there, they do not wish to go out. They are more tranquil with me in the house. At least that’s what my instinct is telling me. But now that I have a plan to get married and finally living with my cats, I am excited. Maybe they will be more disciplined than how they are acting now.

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