Care Too Much

Did you care too much you forgot about yourself? It happened to me yesterday.

I was on my way to church on Sunday morning when my boyfriend suddenly called me on the phone. He told me that my cat ran off and climb up the roof of their apartment. My heart skipped a bit and my mind tried to make a solution to keep calm and collected. The cat did it a handful of times already. The problem was: my boyfriend needed to get out of the house early. He did not want to leave the cat outside so he waited for my cat to show and climb down.

I was on the phone with him.

As we were talking about knocking on the upper floor, I was ready to take the bus to help him with the cat problem. My decision was poor because of emotions. All I can do is have faith in him because he is doing all he can to solve it by himself. Instead, I decided to stay where I was and go straight to the church.

He then called and told me the cat was missing. I needed to go there in person. He did not see any sign of him anymore. Not even a footstep. My heart started to break as he made me think about the possibilities that my cat would not come back to me anymore. That time, I was going to be a song leader for our Praise and Worship session and carrying a big burden in my heart will not help me. Let alone how he spoke to me. The communication was weak.

I asked his brother if he can accompany me to my bf’s house. If I took the bus, I wouldn’t make it back in time at eleven. It was already half past nine. When we got there, I called out my cat’s name. Suddenly showed himself and got down immediately. Unfortunately, I needed to carry him down to make sure he won’t climb back up. After I calmed down a bit, I said sorry to everyone I have disturbed.

The lesson I have learned from this experience is, “TRUST YOUR GUTS. BUT STILL, HAVE FAITH.”

If I tried to take the bus as soon as I could, I should have been there in time. But I wouldn’t know if I would catch the eleven o’clock PnW. Yet, if I did take the bus, I wouldn’t have realized that everything does happen for a reason.

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