Busy Street

Can you hear the engines cough in a stoplight? The air filled with machine fart. The reds and whites dancing in the moonlight while green is turning to orange or yellow then to a halt.

The air may feel cold but you ignore it because you are more drawn to your social feeds. No eye contacts with strangers. A dog may want to play with you in a train station but you’re fake laughing with a batchmate. Some flyers for the next festival are almost invisible. Other people might not even notice you walking. A sound of an ambulance running was diminished by plugged earphones.

I don’t know. Maybe only few can see that. Or even recognize what it looks like to have a busy street.

Everyone’s on their mobile phone, calling someone, surfing the net, laughing at videos, playing games, texting. No one pays attention to what even is happening.

Life was easier then. Children play outside with sweats and scraped knees. Noticing the clouds with animal shapes or even people. Today’s times are much different than before. Let’s be aware of our surroundings. It is more beautiful than we thought.

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