Breaking The Distance

There are so many emotions in this world: happiness, joy, excitement, sadness, fear… Everything. They are felt by a different person with different stories.

Special for everyone concerned. People come and go. Some stay and most leave. Roads keeping them away from their loved ones and so is the time in between every trip. Arriving and seeing the people they care about but still going away as soon and leaving them behind. Knowing they could only meet once in a while makes the time more precious than any day of their life.

Richness couldn’t even measure the distance. The time won’t even tell when or how they’ll ever meet again. Or if they still will. The eyes of the person leaving and the one who’s left behind don’t have differences… for they share the same hurt, the same emotions, just different ways at the same time. The smile of excitement falls on the lips of the traveler waiting for the time to meet their love on the other side of this infinite number of miles. Lucky are those hands holding the most precious person in a train full of strangers, not wanting to become one of these poor souls waiting for the trip to end. If you count every person who doesn’t want to be separated, they can’t even fill this empty space. People surrounding them won’t even fill this cold place hoping that one day it’ll all make sense.

It’s funny how a gap makes someone love one person more. All the emotions are mixing with this unending line making it so hard to count the days passed just so the missing part would rewind. The warm coat of feelings to see someone for a very long time is unbearable. You won’t know the way they felt until they’re the one leaving or even the one who’s left behind.

Breaking the distance… how can it be done?

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