Blogger’s Life

Great ideas, inspirations, people roaming around, things near or far, places that are found, information needed, hobby, books, movies, love, etc… These are most of the things a blogger needs to consider before putting their hearts into writing.

But most of the time, their thoughts are blank. Nothing but pitch black or blinding white. Or even a noise disturbing their silenced mind.

They’re always in front of the keyboard but all they have had been nothing. Even that, when a thought knocks within that overly known blankness, the train where all the words and ideas with different impacts come from.

Life, as you know it, is full of incredibly interesting things. Even so, not all wanted the “same thing”. We don’t always see how special something is to someone. Sometimes, we see them as rivals just because they don’t see what’s on our minds. We can’t (or don’t want to) see their opinions as well.

And after all this different perspectives and opinions, everyone is still living a normal life. But the thing is it’s not that normal anymore. You can see everything as “everything” with their own meanings in your own perspectives. With their own thoughts in your own point of view.

You’ve learned to open your eyes to the meanings of the world and how it affects everything. The best thing about being a blogger isn’t about the fame but the passion to put your thoughts in a box where you fill your heart with. <3

Let me hear your thoughts!