Bike Taught Me




Bike taught me how to be productive. To lesser the time of idleness and start to get healthier by getting faster.

Without biking, I wouldn’t have realized the use of my free time. Then, I walk to the bus stop and wait for a maximum of 15 minutes per bus arrivals. It depends when I get there on time or not. This August, I did not get this month’s monthly bus fare because I wanted to try a bike-commute. It was fine.

Now, instead of walking, I am getting the bike down our home. Thankfully, it was not that heavy for me to carry. And then waiting for the bus to even show up is not a good way of wasting my time. I was over it.

I can say that biking helped me a lot from emotional to physical energy. If you plan on getting a bike a try, send me pictures of you and your first time class.

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