Bike Riding Improvements

It has been 2 months since I started riding a bike and uses it to commute an average of 12kms a day. I can see a lot of improvements in my current lifestyle and how I handle things like emotional control, physical fitness and most especially mental health.

When I first started this torture (July 31, 2019), I found myself “predictably” weak. My legs were easily worn out. It was not strong enough to cope up with my boyfriend’s riding pace.

The next day (August 1, 2019 – which was my official first day of bike training), I made a slight improvement in my speed of 1 minute.

It was a nice start. But compared to my latest time and speed, I can see a huge improvement.

My best influencer is my boyfriend but what pushed me more is these 2 bike application: Samsung Health and Strava. (Though I do not use Samsung phones, I do approve of their application. It is convenient and user-friendly.)

If you have been following me on my daily journal, I talked about an Escape Plan by Strava and it requires a 1-month period, 15 minutes workout for at least 5 times a week. It should be done in 4 weeks straight. I have been doing activities since day 1 and I am on my last day of the challenge in order to get my 1st Strava BADGE.

My Escape Plan

I wish I could ride my bike until this winter. If it is not too called at night, I would definitely commute and ready my body shape for a special day.

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