Before Midnight

This was the longest night I have ever had.

There are so many things I didn’t imagine would happen for only one night and in just a short moment of notice. It really is an unforgettable experience this year.

I went out of the house earlier than I expected. It was a very good morning with the sun shining brightly on a winter season. The bus I rode was not late. The train I took didn’t give me any trouble. My cat came to me after he heard me entering the house. The day ran smoothly. But this night was laggy. It was almost a blurry image. It’s practically overwhelming.

First, I didn’t feel well.

My boyfriend and I went outside to take a photo using long exposure photography which took us several tries to master. We were almost done when we took the train back to my house. Instead of making it home early, we were delayed because of the lack of knowledge about the bus curfew for Christmas Day. We were an hour late. The service hour was finished at eight. We were there a quarter before just to realize we were waiting for nothing. So we decided to take other options. He tried to register for a moto sharing. It didn’t go well. His own moto was not an option either.

Finally, we used the bike sharing here in Turin and it went well. At least for the moment. I went to the mall where my family watched cinema. The bookstore was closed and my phone battery was dead. My family still has twenty minutes after the movie ends so I ended up eating in KFC because I needed the charging socket. When I was finally done eating, they called me to go home. That’s the end of the long night. I got home after twelve hours of being outside. That was eleven in the evening.

One thing I’ve learned from this experience is to be patient and be knowledgeable. There are times that lack of knowledge can cause so much trouble. But still, the consequences of every choice I made is mine. I will still be happy about the results because I’ve made the right choices even in a wrong time.

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