Bed Table Hacks

Useful hacks for everyday living…

Can’t you find space without disposing the important things on your desk?

Did you ever throw any small things that bug you when you’re doing work?

Well, that’s not a problem anymore. Spaces are very much present and you would be surprised by seeing the results.

Always bring a plastic bag with you. Or if a plastic bag isn’t your type, then use a paper bag. haha, *well, it’s not funny*

Three categories to put on every three bags you just got:

  1. Big and useful things

    like a book or a lamp (you need bigger storage here and you could always give them to your siblings, cousins, in the storage room for future use or just give them away)

  2. Small and disposable things

    like tissue napkins, torn paper, useless pen, etc. (oh I forgot to mention, you need to have tissue *always* on your desk in case you watch drama movies. 😊)

  3. Extra storage for the rest.

    You can only use 2 bags but I recommend you to use another one.

All of them just put it on the side (if it doesn’t have wide storage under the table.

Or you can put it under, wherever you want.

What about storage AT the top of the desk?

  • If your desk is against two walls and doesn’t have a drawer attached to the table (just like mine) you can attach some small hooks on the wall(s). (You can hang your necklace, rings, bracelets, ponytails, etc.)
  • If you have a mirror in front of the desk, then you can stick a hook on the mirror. (if that’s not weird for you.)
  • But if you have drawers, better put it inside to be more secure.

You can add the racks you use in the kitchen, they cost more than a DIY but it’ll guarantee you easy access and brighter space without accessories all around the workplace.

I’m sorry, I should have said it from the start. There are hooks that are being attached to the wall by only a sticker on the back.

Some of you might wonder because there are no such things in local stores near you so I’ll just put a reminder.

Stay beautiful, don’t let that manicure get ruined. 😉

Let me hear your thoughts!