Beauty In You

There is always beauty inside of you.

Do you see someone so GORGEOUS you can’t take your eyes off them? Do you make sudden moves when they’ve noticed you staring? Is there a train of thoughts running through your mind all day waiting for that specific person to talk to you? Well, everybody can relate. Even if you don’t usually feel it, you can’t hide that familiar warm fluid stinging through your fragile cheeks, as if it’s a kettle whistling.

But then there’s this stronger feeling: “I don’t even look that good for them. They won’t be able to notice me inside this meat suit.”

How can you let yourself down like that? You should be choosing attitude overlooks. Smile over eye-rolling. Kindness over stupidity. Stop making yourself be in a situation where you are against yourself while others don’t even care. You are beautiful inside and out. You just need someone to show you that. You need someone to see that within you.

You think everybody else is perfect? Wrong! They are just like you. Full of blemishes, full of dirty closets. But what makes you beautiful is the imperfection that only you can contribute.

Let me hear your thoughts!