Back Pain is Real

I am not sure if I am doing my job right.

Since I started working last month being a barista, I restrained myself from sitting or even taking a break. I don’t want to habituate my body to pause and watch my phone while waiting for clients to come. It has been a year of long repose and I have so much fat to burn.

That is my first reason. Next is because I love my work that I don’t even want to be disturbed by Facebook or any Social Media for that matter. Someone also said to me that I am always moving from one place to another. It is just my personal preference to stay active all day long.

Tonight, my back hurts. When I flex my spine, I kind of feel a sting from the joints in my back. Maybe it is because I don’t sit for 8 straight hours and I am always walking from one place to another. Or maybe because I am just tired.

I don’t want to search the internet about my symptoms because sometimes the world wide web is not reliable for such small signs of pain.

If anyone wants to give advice, I am always ready to listen.

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