Automotoretrò – Lingotto Fiere

Visiting Lingotto Fiere for Automotoretrò…

Automotoretrò is a traditional car show event that attracts lovers of historical motoring and is supported by Automotoracing.

This event is encouraging the vintage motors and the quality they get to their audiences. And the best thing is THEY ARE FOR SALE.


Well, it is not a new thing for me anymore. There were various car shows in Italy I already went to with my boyfriend. This experience made me love the smell, the design, and the passion.

Here are some of the photos I’ve caught on my camera.

Photos took in Automotoretrò – Lingotto Fiere

It is a great sporting party which brings together collectors, riders, motorcyclists and even off-road riders.

I really hope to see more of these car shows in the future and create a very close connection to every rider.

Let me hear your thoughts!