Truth Hurts

Telling what is really on your mind strengthens the soul. Being open is not letting yourself become vulnerable. It is a way to let the positivity in and negativity out. We need to learn how to accept what hurts because it will set us free. Learn and learn and learn. Well, tomorrow is another day.… More Truth Hurts

Breaking Point

People are limitless. You can always do more than you thought you can handle. I started working from square one. No experience. Do not know stress. Have no idea what pressure means. Zero idea what my friends tell about getting fatigued from work. I HAD NO IDEA. Starting to work is the biggest, longest, best… More Breaking Point

Do Not Fear

Fear is overrated. It is not a word to hold on to when you want to do the right thing. Fear does not mean being shy. You don’t have to limit yourself just because you feel afraid. Truth hurts and it will truly set you free. But if you are to restrain on the things… More Do Not Fear

Start of Work

Today started my work. My purpose in getting a job is not just to save money for the big day but also for a better job experience. I had part-time jobs that allowed me to get a small amount of money for a 1-day shoot and 1-month editing (videographer in WOW Photography and Events). There… More Start of Work

Why I Love Green

When I was young, my favourite colour was red. Everything changed when I was a teenager. I was curious about the colour that nobody wanted. It was a mystery for me that it grew on me and now I am stuck with the love I have for the shades of nature. Green, at least for… More Why I Love Green