Attack on Titan Reaction

*Spoiler Alert*

Read on your own risk.

I watched this Anime some day last year because my bf recommended me to. He told me that I would enjoy it. We watched the first episode of season one together. It went smooth on the first ten minutes.

There are three friends: Eren (who wants to join the Research Group), Mikasa (the strongest of the three friends) and Armin (the weakest but the brightest). Everyone in the village thought it’s safe inside the wall because nothing weird happened for a hundred year. But on the last six minutes of the episode, the best worst things happened.

A big giant, larger than the 50-meter wall, made a hole out of these walls and all the man-eating giants waiting outside enter. They needed to evacuate and move to another part of the wall when Eren need to run for their home because his mom was still there but it is too late. She was stuck on a wood block. They tried to rescue her but there was nothing they could do. Someone took them and escaped the area while Eren and Mikasa watched their mother get devoured by a particular giant.

saddest scene from the first episode

That was the end of Episode one. I told my bf that I won’t watch it nor replay the chapter. My brain was exhausted from thinking. I couldn’t think straight. I felt sorry for their mother and Eren and Mikasa and the giant. No, I hated the giant. On that same day, when I got home, I was still thinking about the giants and their funny faces.

Little did I know, I’m watching Season two.

To continue the first episode, the man told Eren that there was nothing he could do because he is weak. He told the man he is sorry because he was terrified. Eren realized all of it and exhaustedly went to the boat to escape the giant infested area. He decided that he would kill every single giant in their home town. All three of them decided to enter the Army and after five years, they become great warriors.

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But what happened five years ago took place after graduating from the army. A muscular giant punched a hole on the wall and smaller giants entered the city. Eren got eaten by one of the giants for helping Armin and became a giant himself. No one knew it was him until he was killed by other giants and then he got out of the neck of the giant. Everyone didn’t accept him but he proved his loyalty to humanity and helped them block the hole.

He proved them all wrong and he was again accepted by humankind. And for the first time, humanity won over Giants. That’s all I can share for now. I don’t want to read spoilers so you have to have a peak for yourselves. Season one and two are available on Netflix.

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