At Least I Tried

Today was a difficult day. I did my daily routine and after that, it was a very clever night.

My family was invited for dinner at a friend’s house. She is a Filipina and her husband is Italian. They have a dog named Seli. She is already thirteen years old. I played with Seli before dinner was served. Took photos of her and I was happy to find a friendly face.

At dinner, for Italians, there are at least three plates: antipasti, primo piatto and secondo piatto. In between meals, there was a beverage white wine with an 11% alcohol content. The tricky part is that I wanted to taste it out of curiousity. I took a small sip and stopped for a moment to sapore the liquor. It already made my head hurt. My mind doesn’t support alcohol anymore.

The smell reminded me of the time I almost passed out and the feeling of vomit coming out of my throat. I hated it. I almost died.

This was the first time I refused something the second time around and I don’t think I can ingest wine any time soon. And my gums hurt. What a lucky night.

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