Cool air touched my warm skin as I walk to the bus stop. Earphones plugged in. Heavy music was playing on the radio. On the bus stop, I was braiding my hair then a lady patted me on the back. I asked her what’s wrong. She asked if I speak in English. Lucky her, I’m fond of speaking the language. She needs to get somewhere and didn’t know what bus to take.

The way to her location would be a two-ride journey and I told her what she should do. Since she was new to the location, I doubt she can do it by herself so I asked her the exact location of her destination. It so happened that I am going in that direction so I told her I’ll accompany her to the train station.

On the bus,

I sat in front of her and continued to braid my hair. She approached me and asked, “do you put gel on your hair?”

I said no and she told me to put some because the curls stay longer that way. I’ve never tried that method before but I will definitely try it next time.

I learned that she was from Barbados and she came to Italy to find a place to study. She is a marketing student. The shocking part was that she’s already fifty years old. She has a granddaughter and she showed me her picture. After so many short talks, I walked her to the station.

We parted ways because I have to take the earlier stop. That was a fun experience for me. It’s been a very long time since I talked to someone in English. I would write and rehearse in that language but not communicate with it in person.

I am happy I helped somebody in need. It was heartwarming and I had a little bit of diversity on my day to day activities. The lesson for today is: “If you want something, you can always ask for it.”

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