Another Step

If you remember, I am going through a hair journey from heat damaged hair to my natural curls. It was almost a year since I’ve cut my hair short to save excess product I put on my hair. My ends were healthy but they needed to go.

Now, after so many doubts about cutting the remaining damaged hair on my head, I finally let my sister remove them completely.

It took me almost one year of complaining about my transitioning hair. It took me too much time to prepare to look good. It would be on standby for a day on braids. Then I would remove them the next day. My preparation is almost 2 days. That is too much for it to become frizzy on the 2nd day.

I did not plan to cut them short today but it’s only hair. It’ll grow back soon. In one year, it grew for almost 6 inches. I can always wait for another year to regain my length.

Since it’s already summer here in Italy, I will accept the consequences of my actions. My hair is not yet completely dry and I’m excited to show the results tomorrow.

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