Am I Too Susceptible?


Looking for affection, looking for a friend.
Disobeying orders, freaking likes to pretend.
How can this happen to a kid just like me?
Even if it does hit, should it sound so glee?

Rough day, I know, you don’t want to extend.
So that was how it all started, -started to end.
Yup, a susceptible person I’m glad to be
Yet the heaven is way too harsh towards me.

Don’t cry now, you little psychic friend.
‘Cause you’re not alone, at least not on my trend.
Since the day my emotional heart became free,
My mediocre brain lets my heart flee.

Oh, what a wonderful day to begin to ascend
Well, for my part, I had wished I did blend.
Stick to the plan, be a “perceptive person” to see
Just like any other person I wish I could be…

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