Am I Competitive?

Sundays, for most, is a day of rest after a long week. As for me, it is a day to wake up early and go to church.

My routine would be to wake up at seven in the morning, look at my phone a bit hoping not to see something interesting, do my personal hygiene routines, ten minutes of deciding what to wear, check the clock if it’s already eight in the morning and then make sure my stomach doesn’t make a sound before arriving at the church. (the bus I ride parts at eight in the morning and the next partition is fifteen minutes after.)

Every time, I would come up first. I’d open the gate, the lights, the monitor and most of everything. After doing so, I’ll practice a bit and then listen to music. Then shortly after, the brother of my boyfriend, together with his family would arrive.

The past few weeks, I decided to go out a quarter after my scheduled time because it’s too early to go out and there’s no need to rush. Instead of going out at quarter past eight, I ended up descending at half past eight. I got to church and everyone was there.

And then I came to my senses, I’m being lazy to wake up and do what I was supposed to. I’ve been very confident about my time that I do not see I’ve been wasting it.

Yesterday, I woke up earlier. I even ate breakfast. The bus I took did not move after I sat on my comfortable seat at the front. Another bus came after ten minutes and I took it. But still, I was on time. Thirty minutes after I was my rivals in the first place. My boyfriend’s brother told me, “You’re so competitive. You don’t want to come second.”

That was unexpected but I smiled and nodded madly. I realized I was being competitive. He then told his wife they should go out at eight thirty in the morning. I told him I’d still arrive first. Then he said they’d part at eight in the morning.

The argument went on that way but that was not the point. I was being competitive and I couldn’t deny it.

Is it bad?

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