Am I Brave?

I tell myself what I truly feel. I confess my doubts. But am I brave enough?
In fact, I can’t reach the things that make me happy. I’m not that brave to say what I think. Maybe that’s how I should be since I had the courage to show my name. My virtue.

I show my weakness. I laugh when I make mistakes. But am I really brave?
Showing the world I’m strong is interesting but deep inside of me I hate it. I hate being told that I’m not capable. I hate to admit I’m fragile. I’m a strong, independent woman. But at the end of the day, I’m as soft as a cotton.

I tell lies. I feel pain but I don’t say a thing. Can I be brave?
My thoughts may be sincere but my tongue is a liar. I even believe what I say, forget the aches, pick myself up and continue to walk. Heck, I even pretend nothing has happened.

I love my insecurities. I’m able to turn them my best qualities. Am I brave?
Even though I hate most of myself, I can forgive. I’m used to it. Since they are for me to grow with. The thing is, I just want to know if I’m brave enough to admit that everything makes me who I am and not what others make me.

I know I am brave. I just need to find my way to it.

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