“Always Forget What You Give”

As a person, our nature is to remember everything we give so that we know what worth we should receive back. The best example is our job. We work based on how we are paid. Believe it or not, that is how people are wired.

The social experiment (see video above) is about how society acts to strangers with the same demands knowing what status they are. A rich dad and a poor dad who needs money for his baby.

The story…

The “rich dad” asked money in the public because he accidentally locked his wallet inside his Ferrari. Everyone seemed to help him despite his posture and obvious high status. On the other hand, the “poor dad” with his trolley and baby walk by strangers and ask the same question over and over but no one seemed to take him seriously. He was even spat on and told to put his life together and get himself a job. In the last part of the video, a homeless man helped the poor dad with something he had. He said that he saw him rejected so many times and he also knows the feeling. So he is willing to help him without hesitation.

His tag goes by: “Always Forget What You Give. Never Forget To Forgive.”

It doesn’t matter what you give as long as it’s from the heart. Do not put grudge on anyone you helped because of what they give back. Instead, be grateful you can be of any help because not everyone can.

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