Accept What You Cannot Have

Yesterday, I downloaded Blackmagic Davinci Resolve (Video Content Creator Software) then I installed it on my laptop. After a while of processing, my laptop cannot open the App.

I brought my pc to my boyfriend’s house and left it there before going to work. When I got home, I told him he should reinstall the app and make it work because I cannot. When he downloaded the software and reinstalled it on my laptop, he failed the same. He thought the problem is in my Videocard. Maybe.

The Davinci Resolve video editor is easy to use and have a good interface. But my laptop cannot handle the pressure. If there is a problem with that app, I won’t search for another laptop that can. It’s still working and there are other good apps out there to experiment on.

If anything else, I would clean my laptop and delete the things I won’t be needing anymore. Then I would it shut down instead of letting it on standby for the night.

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