About Me


Jeiv Reyes. Already on my early 20s. Aspiring Writer and Photographer. I’ve been wandering around the peninsula of Italy for almost 5 years. The experiences I made helped me achieve a decision I am proud to share the world. I had my first blog site in February 2016 (I was curious about published works) and fell in love with it.

I like fun stuff: longboard, eating, road trip with my boyfriend, Photography, and even Short Film making. Most of the time I’m on Netflix and YouTube, playing with my cat, reading books & articles, blogging stuff, scrolling feeds and writing.

I am adventurous in a way I think some won’t understand. I consider myself an Introvert. I’m more energized alone with a purring cat for a blanket. I love riding on motorbikes and sometimes cruising with a longboard on my feet.

When I was young, I loved writing my everyday journal. Even with twisted English, I was contented to write. Now, I can publish my works and I can express myself freely in every words I write. Just think about the possibilities in life and make more out of it. Don’t wish more than you can handle. Being contented is a gift.