A Pillion Passenger

Pillion-i. (noun) a seat for a passenger behind a motorcyclist – As a learning rider, you must not carry a pillion passenger.

Imagine you are riding on a motorcycle in the middle of the road going a hundred and ninety miles per hour, alone. The long distance ahead made your heart pump with joy. Mesmerized with every turn and every curve.

The sun was setting on the west and the sky was a shade of orange and red, pastel and coral. The ocean breeze was cold but warms your body. Every tension from riding is just another day of rest.

Now, imagine it with someone else on the pillion. Instead of a hundred or two hundred miles per hour, you do it with a ninety. Their hug was warmer than the sun itself. It’s weird.

They trust you, no matter how fast you went. Their eyes were not closed, looking at the same sunset. Followed every move, every flow of the ride. They’re with you.

Comparing it to a literal world, we enjoy life as what we see it. The freedom of the long ride, the tests of the curves and the goal of a sunset seemed to be a life course. But in the end, everything is happier with someone to share it with.

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