A Name For Myself

I started at zero. Then I made a name for myself.

To be invisible was the first thing I wanted because I am good at it. That was the lamest excuse to form a barrier between me and my diffidence. I was always lowering my head to avoid small talks. Talking was sort of my weak point. No one wanted to talk to me because I made a wall and stood behind it.

Little by little, I discovered the wall was useless. It just drew attention to me and became a hindrance to carry. So I had to smash it all down to its last piece. Actually, that was the best decision I have ever made. It took me several years to adjust and learned to communicate well with everybody else and not just talking to my diaries.

The change…

As a church musician, my only role was to play the bass. I’ll stand in front of a congregation during the Praise and Worship and pluck the strings one at a time. Well, for beginners, it is not as bad. Years passed by and I began to be true to myself. A bubbly sophisticated mad person who laughs loudly at silly jokes. Dedicated to what I am doing, I’ve learned to communicate well with my friends and the members. I would have never thought that I could go this far of my life. Five years later, I would have stayed out of everybody’s sight and live my life.

I have made a name for myself. Everybody in the church knows me by name. My friends would call me whatever they wanted to call me and I would never judge them. The members of the youth would joke around with me and the little shy old me would be envious. It is a big jump for me to find who I really am despite of remembering who I pretended to be in the past.

“Be true to yourself.”

When did you made a name for yourself? I would like to hear them on the comments down below.

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