A Little Too Late

What’s done is done.

There will be regrets in our lives that no matter how many wishes we made to bring back time, it won’t. You cannot change the past.

Have you been frozen in place because you realize something you did wrong and it’s already a little too late to change that? I did just this evening.

I was assigned to take care of my friend’s house cat for a week because they are on vacation. It was the first time I get to be responsible for a house that is not mine. They trusted me with their keys and households. I just ruined it.

On my second day, a Tuesday, I decided to unplug something in the kitchen. I didn’t know what was it or if it affects the whole house. The days went on and then Friday came. I decided to check everything because it is already my last day of work. Then everything made sense. Why the refrigerator was off, and what I unplugged. IT WAS A BAD MISTAKE!

I told my boyfriend about it.

Then I said I made a big error. That I was the one who removed the socket. And that I am terrified to tell the owner of the house what I did. I know what they put on their freezer because I was there when they filled it up.

But still, I decided to tell them the truth. My truth. It was my fault for not being sensitive. But I didn’t mean to do it on purpose. It was an accident. I didn’t want to burn the house down.

Anyways, I told them what really happened. I can’t sleep, though. But I cannot do anything now, can I? I was just really sorry about the waste of money, food, electricity, efforts, etc.

Please tell me good stories. I needed to remove this thought in my head.

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