A Little Escape from Reality

I have so much in mind that I needed diversity. A little escape from reality. I want to play a game.

At first, I thought I was going to play a word game or a mind game of some sort. But it is not a choice, I had to experiment my way on the top-grossing games in the market. Then I stumbled upon Homescapes. I knew it was so last year. And I know that it doesn’t matter how a game’s popularity subsides fast as long as you enjoy playing it.

It took me a while to adopt from this game because I had to deal with “homescaping” and it is not really my fortΓ¨ to design a house let alone scaping the inside of the house. But then it was my dream to become an architect. I am living it, but instead of reality, it is only virtually.

This is not the only simulation game I tested in the game store. I tried
Fishdom (a classic fish tank renovation project while playing a matching game),
Criminal Case (Facebook’s game that requires sharp eye from solving FBI cases by searching for clues and object),
Township (there are no particular games to play but it is a simulation to build a city and sell goods to the neighbourhood),
SimCity (one of my MOST PLAYED game because of its addictive gameplay and interactive buildings. Best City simulator yet),
Lost Island (I didn’t like this as much but it is a random pass time app in the market),
BitLife: Life Simulator (you will live different lives inside this small box of choices and options. Follow your instincts and listen to your guts. There are more chances to live longer and happier),
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery (This game was made by Unity and I haven’t seen games marked by this company being trash. What I didn’t like is to play the 2nd part of the story, you needed to pay. Not that I am complaining because everything is perfect and they need the budget to continue what they are offering. It’s just a pity that the majority of the gamers won’t continue because of the cost),
Murder in the Alps (This story is still ongoing. The murders have become suspicious and troubling. It is not a typical FBI case but a total mystery. You wouldn’t see them coming),
and more.

Disclaimer: this is not sponsored and requested. It is only my opinion on the games. Try them out if you want.

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