A Life Without Music

Way back in the past, my life went on without music. It was a blank sheet. An empty room of pure silence. I can hear the sound but no music.

My high school life was filled with variant songs. I learned a few. My former classmates sang with me as I play the guitars. Same old songs, different people. Music without a soul.

I was not interested to hear different genres. They come and go. Music was not a part of me. It only feeds my curiosity. Days, weeks and years passed by. Playing the guitar and piano satisfied my ego. Still there was a void.

Just as I concluded I don’t need music in my life, that’s when someone reminded me how it sends hidden messages to anyone who listens. Music is a strange language formed by deep emotions. It shows happiness, agony, excitement, suspense, hate and love. The options are limitless. It can define a soul. The beat can touch a longing heart. It bonds two people together. How powerful could it be?

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